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A Review of Some of the Most Common Asphalt Pavement Issues and How to Fix them

When it comes to paving materials, asphalt has been one of these that has been known for long for being so durable but this be as said, the material still remains as exposed to atmospheric conditions and these would ultimately lead to damage to the paved surfaces. Given this fact, even when you have paved using asphalt, you need to ensure that you have put in place strategies for regular asphalt repair and maintenance so as to be able to enhance the lifespan, appeal and safety of the asphalt pavement.

There are quite a number of the issues that you may experience with your asphalt pavements and some of the most common ones we will be taking a look at include such as; alligator cracking, block cracking, linear cracking, slippage cracks, pot holes, depressions, rutting and raveling. The following is a highlight on some more on these particular issues and some advice on how to handle these issues.

The first one we will take a look at is that of Alligator cracking. By and large, an alligator cracking as a common asphalt pavement problem is generally a kind that is generally a structural failure that is associated mainly with load. Alligator cracking can largely be said to be one that is due to a weakness on the surface, base or on the sub-grade. As can be seen from the name, it is that kind of problem that you see when you see the surface on the pavement looking cracked and looking like an alligator skin.

To help resolve this kind of problem on your asphalt pavement, you need to do a full depth reclamation since this is mainly a structural issue.

One other common asphalt pavement issue is that of block cracking and this is mainly caused by the shrinking effects on the asphalt pavement.

Generally, it would be so wise and advisable for you to consult with an asphalt maintenance company to help you handle most of these issues with your asphalt pavements. Over and above this, it is as well advisable to ensure that you have put in place such a regular system for the repair and maintenance checks for the asphalt pavements so as to keep these at bay and have them dealt with as soon as they come up to avoid serious damage that may result from delays or neglect. By and large, asphalt maintenance, landscaping and snow removal services would help a great deal with dealing with most of these issues that asphalt pavements face or happen to be prone to as a result of atmospheric condition.

What Research About Paving Can Teach You

What Research About Paving Can Teach You