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A lot of believe that any resistant training on the muscles will have the same results but there is a very big difference. The outcomes of your physique will depend with the kind of training you do on your muscles. There are benefits that you will realize by either going for the muscle building or muscle strength. A combination of the two cam also produce excellent results. There are differences that exist between the two and we can take a look at them.

When you chose to do the strength training exercise, you will be after increasing the strength of your muscles and not increasing their size. You can achieve six packs and acquire dense muscle mass with increased strength.

In muscle building, the focus is not after achieving strong muscles but making them bigger in size. The results do not lead to increased in strength. The muscles are built as a result of increased fluid in the muscles. The muscle become well defined and this is the aspect that is considered in the sports of bodybuilding.

To get the difference in the two, different methods of training are used to arrive at the desired results. It is evident that one will be said to be string by lifting heavy weights and this is what is done during the strength training By doing this, the central nervous system stimulates the actual muscle fiber. The end results are dense and strong muscles that are powerful enough to lift heavy amount of weights. Few exercises are required because the big compound weight that is lifted cater for a large number of muscles at the same time. More sets per exercise are needed. There is no way will you able to lift such weights of you don’t have enough time to rest between the sets.

To stretch the muscles to their limit, a lot of lifting is required and this will be practical by reducing the weight of the weights to be lifted. The aim of these workouts is to increase the amount of fluid in the muscles and amount of glucose to realize the bulky muscles.

The exercises are more isolated but those that are after lager muscles can lift big compound weights. Since the exercise is very tedious, it does not involve a lot of sets. The resting time between the reps is minimal compared to strength training.

You will be delighted with the end of results of these training. One is after achieving strong muscles while the other is after the size.You can get your muscle increased in size or gain that super strength that you always dreamed about. To get the best results, you can combine both for optimum muscle gain.
It is advisable to train wit assistance from your trainer for the best results.

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